Imagine the web of waterborne traffic that connects Science World to Granville Island to Sen̓áḵw to David Lam Park to the Aquatic Centre to the Marine Museum, only many times as busy as today, human-powered or silently electric.

Imagine water so clean that kids can jump off any old boat or platform for a swim, so clean that wild creatures of the Pacific can come downtown to see the bright lights. So pure that sealife can be harvested and consumed along its shoreline.

Imagine clam gardens sprouting up, following the ancient wisdom of First Nations innovators, and elementary school kids in their rubber boots among the wonders of marine life.

Imagine rustic but environmentally pristine facilities for humans and other animals, with (for the humans) music and shopping and showers and food and drink.

Imagine a guided historical tour available on the devices in everyone’s pocket, or from docents who’ll paddle while they storytell.

Imagine public artworks meeting the eye in every direction, water buskers drifting and singing, dancing lights at night.

Imagine a busy water’s edge, a ninth-grade science project here, an introduction to indigenous culture there, and a dance lesson around the next curve of the seawall.

Imagine events: Dragon Boat races, maritime lantern processions, floating fire exhibits,
weddings, concerts, martial arts, barbecues, yoga.

Imagine a watery space cluttered with joy and full of surprises.

We are the Friends of False Creek, a nonprofit society incorporated in BC

We think False Creek can be so much more than it is today. For us, the most compelling path forward is by way of a National Urban Marine Park, because there is precedent and there are evolving models. BC has marine parks, which are exquisite, distant, and expensive. The world has one other national urban marine park – Plymouth Sound National Urban Marine Park in the UK.

Our Mission Statement

We work to restore the False Creek marine environment in alignment with First Nations stewardship values and marine science, with recognition and respect for the presence and rights of all people to enjoy and use False Creek in sound and healthy environmental ways.

We vow to make it happen here.

First Nations

False Creek is on the unceded territory of the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Watuth nations. Any effort to realize its potential must grant leadership to them. Places have names and places have meanings and those names and meanings should be taught.

False Creek should be given its proper place in a history that is much older than Canada’s. 

Much of the work of preparation has already been done. Significant investment in making the water clean enough for more human use is underway. In parallel with the engineering, we need to gather partners to build a common vision. 

What do we want?

We’re working on that. To start, here’s a To-Do list.

Join us!

The vision is real, it is practical, and serves a variety of important missions and exigencies. A new, ethically-oriented False Creek is in the first stage of being. Help us bring it to full vitality: a watery space cluttered with joy and full of surprises.

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