Pop Quiz: New York’s High Line Park vs False Creek. Correct answers only.

Left: An elevated railway, NYC. Right: Vancouver’s False Creek waterfront

If it seems extravagant to  claim that False Creek – often considered as “dead,” an “open cesspool”  – might someday flourish as a mecca of urban marine conservation – consider what happened to an abandoned elevated railway line in New York’s posh west side.

A couple of New Yorkers looked at the post-industrial eyesore with new eyes and created a nonprofit society, Friends of the High Line. Today,  The High Line Park is a precious public open space, inspiring cities around the world.

What would it take here in Vancouver?

High Line Park was created out of environmental and philanthropic imagination.

It takes imagination and dedication. It can happen here.

If you are motivated by either or both of these qualities, we’d like to hear from you. What do you imagine as a way of healing our natural and urban environment? Please write us at info@falsecreekfriends.org or take this survey – tell us your ideas!

We need your vision & energy.

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