Megalopae, Instars and our Light Trap volunteers

Laura Harvey discovers first Instar this year
Laura Harvey and friend

Laura Harvey – a second year volunteer on our Light Trap project, had just opened up the cod-end of the light trap when she thought she saw a baby crab. But there was a lot of mucky brown stuff (technically known as MBS) and could not find the critter. “I just know I saw something,” she said after a few minutes of looking.

And there it was – a tiny critter almost translucent and a bit beige-y:

And just a few days before this, Rebecca Blundon was the first to discover an even tinier stage of the larval Dungeness crab development: the megalopae:

Just check out the difference in development and size…these both take keen eyes and some patience to discover all the treasures that our light trap produces. And – we still are looking for volunteers, especially for August and the early part of September.

If you are interested, please email us at and sign up for this important and inspiring project.