Does False Creek have legal rights?

As the leaves turn brittle and begin to flutter into the marine environment, the changing seasons bring a new awareness of our responsibility…

…to all of nature, including its most vulnerable community, the worldwide network of oceans.

What are our responsibilities towards a natural entity such as False Creek?

In many places, Indigenous Peoples, city councils, climate activists and others are exploring the concept of Environmental Personhood.

This concept is far from new. For centuries people have described their relationship to the natural world as one of kinship, of a common ancestry, deserving of respect and even reverence. 

Can that happen here? That’s the question False Creek Friends is asking. If enough of us believe it to be true, and act accordingly, its true magnificence will be recognized – and admired by coastal cities around the globe.

We are engaged in organizing public meetings that are gathering a wide range of stake holders, rights holders, institutions and government agencies to talk about becoming effective advocates for it.

If you are interested in participating in these discussions, write us at or simply fill in the comment section below!

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