Adopt-a-Sea Settlement!

Have you ever wondered how sea critters find a home underneath the surface of False Creek? how they pick the right spot to settle down and raise a family of barnacles? Why algae picks one spot to spread their slimy wonderfulness instead of another?

False Creek Friends – along with Hakai Institute – are installing simple, artificial habitats to see what naturally settles on them, and we could use your help! This summer we will be installing up to 50 “settlement plates” at nine False Creek locations, including all docks that are serviced by the passenger ferries. These plates will be observed for up to 90 days, and at the end of this investigation, scientists will know a lot more about the marine habitat and how its life forms are getting along.

If you are interested in participating – by “adopting” one of these artificial habitats, please contact us for more information by filling in the form below. This project will be wonderful for families with kids of all ages, and you will be making an important contribution to the marine environment.

Just put “Adopt a Sea Settlement” in the subject line below, and we’ll get back to you asap!!!