False Creek is Alive – so now what?

Fernando Lessa’s iconic image of a False Creek shark cruising above a carpet of Dungeness crabs

Thanks for viewing Fernando Lessa’s magnificent portfolio of life under the surface of what we call “False Creek.” We asked him the question, “Is False Creek worth saving?” His vivid photos are his most eloquent answer and are now part of a growing conversation here in Vancouver, Canada.

Now we need to answer the question, Okay – so now what? And the follow-up: are urban marine parks a way to mobilize and inspire citizens to become strong advocates for marine conservation?

Proposed Copenhagen floating islands

Answers are coming from a variety of directions – from the UK, where Plymouth Sound National Marine Park is setting the standard for urban marine protected areas in Europe. And read Oxford University’s Simon Pittman’s seminal paper on how it works here.

And finally: you can be part of the team that comes up with real-world, urgently needed action to change human behaviours in order to save our oceans. False Creek is like a lab experiment. We’re conducting community science investigations and have partnered with phenomenal organizations such as Nature Canada and Hakai Institute. So…are you interested in joining in?

Please let us know about you, your marine conservation interests, and how to reach you if you are interested in our work.

    Fernando Lessa is one of Canada’s preeminent marine photojournalists. His work has been featured on the BBC, CBC, Discovery Channel and more. Drawing from his passion for  conservation, Fernando specializes in documenting the delicate relationship between humans and mother nature. FCFS is honored to present his remarkable underwater portraits clearly revealing that False Creek is ALIVE!

    The following images are available as limited edition framed prints using eco-friendly materials, or mailed to you carefully rolled in recycled tubes! Click on each for for more information!

    Please indicate which photo you are interested in purchasing – add the title in the subject field and let us know your email address! We’ll be back in touch shortly!

    All funds collected will go towards conservation and reconciliation activities in False Creek!