Looking to make a difference? Volunteer!

Volunteers with Hakai’s Dr. Matt Whalen check results of a significant scientific investigation

By working together as part of a community with professionals, citizen scientists can play an important part in genuine scientific discovery, experiments, data collection and analysis.

Through citizen science, ordinary people can take part in extraordinary research. Or to put it another way: you can make a real difference – not just for the natural environment – but for you as an individual.

Your own hands can be part of an important transformation right here in Vancouver’s False Creek. And our world is in desperate need for helping hands.

For example: is there evidence that microfibers and detergents from home laundry machines are harming marine life? Scientists need answers to questions like this.

Might the planting of eelgrass help restore the intertidal waters so that herring, crabs and other sea critters have better neighbourhoods in which to rear their young?

Scientists are intensely motivated right now to find out how human activities are altering our natural environments…and they need help – your help.

So please – consider lending your hands.

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