Become an official BioBlitz 2022 Volunteer!

Maggy Spence, Volunteer coordinator extraordinaire!

Hello conservation-minded people who are looking for a significant,  energetic and joyful experperience on the water! We’re looking for you!

We are in the final stages of getting ready for what will be the most comprehensive study of the marine ecology of False Creek ever.

Scientists from Hakai Institute will be on and under the water for five days – September 3 – 7, gathering evidence, collecting samples, looking for pollutants in the bottom muck and in the tissues of living things, and doing DNA analyses.

So, we’ll need citizen helpers to make this momentous event a ‘wild’ success.  Many other community organizations will also be participating – Science World, Vancouver Maritime Museum, OceanBridge, False Creek Watershed Society, Year of the Salish Sea, False Creek residents associations, and many others.

The big reason this is so important?  The scientists will discover clear evidence of what needs to be done to restore False Creek to a more healthy, vital, and sustainable condition. And importantly,  important  restoration work can be done by the community.

For example: is there evidence that microfibers and detergents from home laundry machines are harming marine life? If so, that could well become an interesting and significant community campaign. Or – might the planting of eelgrass help restore the intertidal waters so that herring, crabs and other sea critters have better neighbourhoods in which to rear their young?

Atya, our beach clean-up partner at work in False Creek! (photo Johannes Fast)

The science from the BioBlitz will spawn next year’s conservation activities and inspire a new generation of urban sea stewards, deepen community commitment to combating the climate crisis and encourage governments to support community engagement.

We are looking for volunteers to support the False Creek BioBlitz 2022 occurring in the first week of September. If you would like to volunteer, that would be amazing news! We are looking for volunteers with any level of experience… or just the simple desire to make a difference.

If you have any questions, please contact or fill out the form below.

All volunteers will receive a t-shirt to wear during the event and a token of appreciation from False Creek Friends and Hakai Institute!

Contact us here to get involved!