Win a Cruise of False Creek!


If False Creek were a person, how would you describe it?

In many cultures around the world, people see the natural elements around them as ancestors, relatives, or in words like “more than human“. It’s a kind of kinship – a warm regard. Friendliness. A comforting sense of place.

Here’s an opportunity for you to express your attachment to False Creek – by capturing its essence in word, song, photography – or in any way that inspires you!

If you could talk to it, what would you say, sing, or whisper?

Take out your phone, put it on selfie mode, think about what the watery part of False Creek means to you, and just say it. Sing it, dance it , or recite poetry!

False Creek sea life (giant plumrose) captured by Fernando Lessa
False Creek anemone (Giant Plumrose) captured by Fernando Lessa

Share your vision of False Creek’s personhood with the world! How do you see it? Is it well – healthy, or ailing? Does it need help? What would you like to see happen to it over the next seven generations or so?

When you have captured the essence of your contest submission (in four minutes or less!) , SUBMIT IT!

See below for contest rules.

The winner will get a guided cruise of the creek aboard our flagship vessel, Seren Claer, for themselves and three others.

Your question to answer: What does False Creek mean to you?


  • Upload your video, snapshot, song to a social media platform of your choice
  • Use the hashtag #OUR_FRIEND_FALSE_CREEK
  • Please include a link to our website,
  • Send us an email – – with a link to your post!


  1. Maximum of one submission per person
  2. Post must be a video
  3. Maximum video length: 4 mins

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